Andrew Malcolm


Once upon a time rock climber. Git cloner of web pages. Registerer of dubious domain names. Man of irrational reluctance to simply create a CV like a normal person. Master cynic.

I love TV shows like Grand Designs, Wheeler Dealers, DIY SOS, e.t.c. YouTube channels like Tips from a Shipwright, Bad Obsession Motorsport, AvE, The B1M e.t.c. There is a link to my youtube account on the bottom left if you or your HR department has some analytics to perform on candidates youtube viewing, it’s there, along with my Twitter profile.

I’m currently, more slowly than I would like, learning FreeCAD so as to be able to test the things that I dream up without having to build them and potentially collaborate on them with people who are elsewhere in the world.


Labourer / handyman / ganger / general construction worker for the last 15 or so years. The last five of which were spent in commercial new build in the City of London.

I’ve also spent a couple of years or so doing storeman / stock control / freight forwarding type work. I’ve have done customer facing work but I only really did that to try to overcome shyness and however effective it might have been I’m still not inclined to that sort of work although I can do it if needs be.